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Living & Working in Les Arcs

So I’m well aware I haven’t written on here in a while. I’ve been pretty busy you see, what with moving to France and all. Yep, that’s right. I now live in the ski resort of Les Arcs, up in the French Alps, and I am loving it. In between the boarding sessions, I am currently working as a freelance showreel editor for two agencies, The Rights House and Lou Coulson Associates, cutting numerous showreels for their clients, who range from TV presenters to some pretty big name actors. I’m actually really enjoying this work, and it’s a great way to get my foot in the door for hopefully more editing work in the future.

(22) Showreel Complete!

I’ve spent today just polishing off my editing showreel, making sure it all runs smoothly and cuts in the right places, as well as adding a few bits from Dave’s music video and Jade’s documentary, so that it now showcases all my work to date.

(9) Showreel – Complete But Still In Progress

I’ve spent the last 5 days working solidly on my showreel and it is finally complete! Well, it is as complete as it can be right now…I’ve had to leave a few black spaces here and there that will be filled with footage from the two films I’m going to be editing over the coming months, one a documentary and the other a narrative music video. I’m really pleased with it…definitely worth the effort and stress.


I Wish

This is the greatest film showreel I have EVER seen. So full of power and emotion, it moves you in a way that I didnt think was possible. If I can be even half as a good an editor as this girl, I will be happy.

Here’s an interview with the editor of this video, Gen, explaining the process she went through to get this incredible end result:

(8) Showreel Music continued

So yesterday I was having some issues with what track to use on my showreel, and while some people may think that it is the content and not the music that is important when putting together a showreel, I feel that the music plays a vital role in not only the style, tone and emotion of the reel, but also in the way it is actually cut.


(7) Showreel Music

I’m currently cutting together my editing showreel, and it’s going great. The only issue I’m having is with the music, as the track I had originally chosen doesn’t really quite work with what I want to do. So now I’m trying to decide on a different track.


(6) Editing Mania

So, I’ve finally been able to properly get back to the task of editing the various pieces of my portfolio. I’ve completed over 6000 words of my dissertation (first draft of course), and now I feel much more at ease about it and know that I can put it to one side for the moment and focus a bit more on my editing.


(2) Organising + Starting

Over the last week I’ve been busy planning out what I’m going to be doing for my final project. Last week I mentioned what is going to be in my portfolio, and since then I’ve been working on a few more ideas, particularly for my showreel, as this is the section that I can really start working on straight away, without having to wait for production to start on the two 10-minute films that I’ll be editing.