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(5) Getting Back To It

Over the last week I have mostly been focusing on my dissertation and getting a solid first draft done so that I can really turn my attention to this project, because knowing me, once I properly start the editing on the various parts of my portfolio, I won’t stop, and everything else will be out of the window!


(4) Slow Going

I’ve been away on holiday in Mauritius for Christmas and so have had no internet for over a week, hence the late blog post.

To be honest, I’m a little ashamed to say that there’s not much to report in the way of progress. This is due to hectic-ness of family and Christmas, and of course a holiday in the sunshine! I have, however, managed to complete one of my 2000 word essays – the contextual one about the theoretical and practical aims for my portfolio. I’m pretty pleased with it, and I feel that it succinctly sums up what I want to get out of this project and why I’m doing it, looking into what influences me as an editor and the different theories that I can apply to the individual projects in this portfolio, whether they are a music video, a documentary or a trailer.


(3) Progress

I am making progress.

At least I hope so. I’ve made a start on two of my essays, the contextual one about the role of the editor, and the write-up of my work experience placements. They’re going pretty well – although at the moment they’re more in the planning stages than the actual writing phase. I want to sort exactly what I want to say in them, and get all my research down for the contextual essay before I actually write them up. But to be honest I don’t see them being too difficult.


(1) Planning

So, for my Uni Practical Project Portfolio, I’ve been asked to keep a blog about what I’m getting up to and the progress I’m making with my work. I’m doing an Editing skills portfolio, so I’ll be editing a couple of films and making some trailers. Sounds more like fun than work really, doesn’t it?!


Half Past Childhood

Here’s my final film for 2nd year at Uni…I was Director on this one. I hope you like it.

Life, oh life

This week has been a hectic one, full of uni work, library visits and of course, STA stuff. I had my phone interview (to try to get into the top 10) on Monday and I think it went pretty well, although it’s really hard to tell over the phone, because you just can’t gauge someone’s reactions to what you say. I didn’t know when to stop talking! Some of the questions were cool and I was sort of expecting them, so I’m pleased with my answers for those but there were a few that threw me a bit – like ‘how would you advertise yourself on a billboard?’ and ‘what is your claim to fame?’. I think I did pretty well and came up with some good answers, but annoyingly now in hindsight I keep coming up with better ones. But oh well, I need to stop that, other wise I’ll drive myself crazy! I did my best, and that’s all I could do. You can’t predict what it is that they’re looking for so you jut have to be yourself and hope for the best. So fingers crossed.

They said the Top 10 will be announced either today or tomorrow. I want to be on that list sooooo badly! If I do get in, then I’ve got my next video all planned out and I have a HUGE marketing campaign in mind, but that’s a big IF. All the other applicants are fantastic so I say good luck to everyone, may the best 10 get through.

In other news, I’m back at uni after a really good Easter break and I have absolutely insane amounts of work to do. And only 5 weeks (well, nearly 4 now) to do it in: one presentation, one essay (3000 words), one research project (4000) words, and a film to finish (re-shoots, ADR sound stuff, finish the soundtrack, finish editing, write a group essay, write a self-reflective essay and complete my portfolio). So much to do, so little time! My motto: it will get done, because it has to get done!

Right, enough for today. I’m off. Got my presentation in just under 2 hours. Might just have another read through of my notes.

Filming Fun

Just a picture of the cast and crew. I miss it already!


Filming is finished! it has been a stressful and tiring 4 days but amazing too.
I’m exhausted, by back hurts from standing up for four solid days, I have so much other work that I’ve been ignoring for too long but it is done! Very excited now to get under way with post-production and get this film out into the world…i think it’s gonna be a good’un.

On another note…the STA vid is doing well…1321 votes and 443 views on youtube…almost into the next round!

Stress Me Out

Today has been stressful. With a capital STRESS.  We start filming on Friday and there is so much to do. My task for today was to finish the storyboard…quite simple, no? Well yes, it would be. If my printer hadn’t decided to die on me. Of all the days. When I actually need to print a shed-load of stuff, it says ‘um actually no. I won’t let you’. I really could have thrown it out the window.

But I managed to relax…and just played guitar instead. Learned a new song – ‘Us’ by Reginor Spektor. Loving it. There’s nothing quite like a sing-song and a good old bash at the strings to calm these anxieties.

I try to just think: Stop stressing. It has to get done. So it will.
I don’t know yet whether this attitude will work in my favour or not. We’ll see.

On the plus side though, my STA application video has had over 200 views so far, and it’s only been up for about 24 hours, so all’s good on that front. Keep those votes coming!

A Director’s Life

I’m Director on my current uni film project and it is hard work…not that the other jobs aren’t a lot of work too, but this is my first time directing and although I’m enjoying it, i never realised how much there is to do – shooting script, shot list, storyboard, floor plans…it goes on. not hard, just time-consuming.
But as we draw closer to our first shooting day (this coming friday), I am getting more and more excited, especially when I look at this, the image that will be our film poster:

The best part has been recording a song for the soundtrack. I’m really loving singing at the moment, and had so much fun in the recording studio the other day, I just want to do more and more now! I dont know if I can attach a song here, if I work it out I’ll upload it.