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3rd Year: Practical Project Portfolio

Camp Sloane Here I Come!

I have officially finished my degree! I handed everything in on Monday so now I am free to enjoy my last few weeks in Falmouth before I head off to the USA to begin my job at Camp Sloane. And I am more excited than words can possibly explain.


Halfway Point

New Video Alert!

Here’s one of the films I edited for part of my final Portfolio for Uni. It’s called Halfway Point and tells the story of Michael & Sarah as they try to decide if love really does conquer all. With songs performed by up and coming band In Colour, the film segways into a music video featuring the band, as Michael tries to make a very important decision…but will he be too late?


(25)…It Is Now!

This is it. The end is nigh. It’s almost over.

I’ve just fully completed Jade’s documentary ‘The Little Things’, with the proper sound and music and everything and it looks (and sounds) fantastic! It’s a better film than I ever thought it would be…it’s gone through so many changes over the last couple of weeks, but this is the best by far. It’s been quite a stressful week, mostly due to the fact that I’ve kind of been feeling like I’m in limbo…I’ve finished all my own work and essays etc, so it’s just been a matter of printing everything and putting it into my portfolio, which I did on Tuesday. I also finished off Dave’s film ‘Halfway Point’ at the start of the week, and he’s taken it away to make the DVDs for us all.


(24) And They Think It’s All Over…

I had my peer appraisal on Monday, and on the whole the feedback I received about my work was pretty positive. Obviously there were a few suggestions for various projects, some of which I’ve taken on board and some of which I haven’t, the main one being my Action trailer, as it is a piece that I worked really hard on and feel that it does what I want it to do…changing it now would only turn it into something I never intended it to be, and hopefully this will come across in both my contextual and self-reflective essays.


(23) Cutting It Close

It’s been a pretty hectic week for me work-wise, with little (and big) editing changes going on all over the place. It’s now just over 2 weeks until hand-in, and this looming deadline is making me panic ever so slightly. Especially as I’m still trying to make all the little amendments to Jade’s documentary that everyone is suggesting…between me, Jade, Collette and all our tutors, it’s becoming almost impossible to create a film that everyone is happy with, there are opinions coming in from everywhere, about everything!


(22) Showreel Complete!

I’ve spent today just polishing off my editing showreel, making sure it all runs smoothly and cuts in the right places, as well as adding a few bits from Dave’s music video and Jade’s documentary, so that it now showcases all my work to date.

(21) Problem Solving

So now that I’m back in Falmouth, it’s been pretty non-stop in terms of work. After a (partially) positive tutorial on Tuesday, I realised I still had a lot more work to do than I first thought. There was a lot to do on Dave’s music video film, as it was a bit of a mess (and about 2 minutes too long!). However, my main concern was Jade’s documentary, as Mark had a few things to say about it, a lot of which I agreed with (and I definitely appreciated his suggestions), although this meant I have had to do a completely new cut, reworking the story and trying to focus more on a few individuals, rather than everyone all at once.


(20) Nearly There

With only 5 weeks until our last hand in EVER, I’ve been trying to knuckle down and get all my editing done and dusted asap so that I can get the two films to the sound people in plenty of time. So far, I’m pretty much on target in terms of what I’ve completed and what I’ve still got left to do, which is nice, so I’m not too stressed…but I see that changing fairly soon as the deadline looms ever closer!


(19) Treasure

Now that my dissertation is finally handed in, I’ve been able to make a proper start on the edit of Jade’s documentary, which for now has the working title of ‘Treasure’. I spent a good few hours doing the somewhat tedious job of  organising the footage; making sure all the sequence settings were correct and matching up some missing audio. But now I’m on to the good stuff, cutting up people’s responses, creating funny, honest and often emotional moments as our interviewees were captured reflecting upon their lives and their possessions.


(18) What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I just got linked to this video and felt compelled to share it. It’s about life and freedom and what it all means. A powerful film, and one that will definitely be an inspiration to the documentary I’m editing, which is all about the personal items people carry around with them. Both films expose people in an honest and open way, but without being too intrusive.


(17) Dissertation Takes Over

Since finishing off the Action Trailer I’ve been mostly focusing on getting my Dissertation done and dusted, seeing as it’s due in next week! I’m pretty much finished with it I think, just a few bits to polish off here and there and then just little organisation things like getting the title and contents pages right etc etc…And then it’s being printed and bound next Wednesday! Eeeek! I can’t wait to have it all finished and handed in, leaving me free to just edit, edit, edit.


(16) Action Movie Trailer

Here it is, the finished product. Enjoy!

(15)…And Cut

In terms of the progress I’ve made with this project, last week was a definite turning point. Yesterday I completed (what I hope to be) the final cut of my action trailer and this is one piece of work that I am actually really proud of. I’ve shown it to a few people who I trust to tell me the truth and they’ve all really liked it, saying that it makes them want to watch all the films in it, and that they’re impressed with the way it fits together with the music to make a cohesive narrative, which is great because that was pretty much what I’ve been aiming for.


(14) Icaroo Logo

Yesterday, when I got bored of editing my action trailer, I decided to create an animated logo, or ‘sting’ as they’re often called, to go at the start of all my future projects, just to make it look a bit more professional, and so perhaps my name/logo will stick in your memory.


(13)…And Action!

I’m finally getting somewhere with this action trailer, the final piece of work in my trailer collection (also the last bit of work I can do before I get the footage from Jade’s and Dave’s films, which they are yet to shoot), and so far, I’m really enjoying the process.


(12) My Week At Vertigo Films

As part of my Practical Project, and to enhance my CV, I’ve spent all of this week in London working as a runner/office assistant at Vertigo Films, a film production and distribution company. They did Streetdance 3D and the recent Gareth Edwards film Monsters. They’re currently working on a 3D film of the successful kids books Horrid Henry, and from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be brilliant!


(11) And The Trailer Is Complete!

So here it is, in all it’s glory. I’m really pleased with the end result, and while there may be a few tweaks made here and there over the next few months before hand-in in May, this is pretty much it:

(10) Ocean’s Breakfast Club

The last few weeks have been mainly taken up with dissertation work, but now that my first draft is all done and handed in, I can finally get back to what I love most about this year…the freedom to just edit…everything and anything I want. I love it.


(9) Showreel – Complete But Still In Progress

I’ve spent the last 5 days working solidly on my showreel and it is finally complete! Well, it is as complete as it can be right now…I’ve had to leave a few black spaces here and there that will be filled with footage from the two films I’m going to be editing over the coming months, one a documentary and the other a narrative music video. I’m really pleased with it…definitely worth the effort and stress.


(8) Showreel Music continued

So yesterday I was having some issues with what track to use on my showreel, and while some people may think that it is the content and not the music that is important when putting together a showreel, I feel that the music plays a vital role in not only the style, tone and emotion of the reel, but also in the way it is actually cut.


(7) Showreel Music

I’m currently cutting together my editing showreel, and it’s going great. The only issue I’m having is with the music, as the track I had originally chosen doesn’t really quite work with what I want to do. So now I’m trying to decide on a different track.


(6) Editing Mania

So, I’ve finally been able to properly get back to the task of editing the various pieces of my portfolio. I’ve completed over 6000 words of my dissertation (first draft of course), and now I feel much more at ease about it and know that I can put it to one side for the moment and focus a bit more on my editing.


(5) Getting Back To It

Over the last week I have mostly been focusing on my dissertation and getting a solid first draft done so that I can really turn my attention to this project, because knowing me, once I properly start the editing on the various parts of my portfolio, I won’t stop, and everything else will be out of the window!


(4) Slow Going

I’ve been away on holiday in Mauritius for Christmas and so have had no internet for over a week, hence the late blog post.

To be honest, I’m a little ashamed to say that there’s not much to report in the way of progress. This is due to hectic-ness of family and Christmas, and of course a holiday in the sunshine! I have, however, managed to complete one of my 2000 word essays – the contextual one about the theoretical and practical aims for my portfolio. I’m pretty pleased with it, and I feel that it succinctly sums up what I want to get out of this project and why I’m doing it, looking into what influences me as an editor and the different theories that I can apply to the individual projects in this portfolio, whether they are a music video, a documentary or a trailer.